Murray Athletic Center


Elmira College also has an off-campus athletic complex, the Murray Athletic Center. Comprised of three geocentric domes, the MAC is the premier location for all other sports EC offers.  The Murray Athletic Center has six squash courts, a media room, and a smart classroom used by our athletic teams for film sessions.  The world's first geodesic dome athletic complex, the Murray Athletic Center, is one of the most unique athletic facilities in the Northeast. Located eight miles from the main campus, it features a  3,200 seat hockey arena, a 2,000-seat gymnasium, a 38,000 square-foot field house with four indoor tennis courts, six squash courts and two playing fields.

Upper and Lower Fields

Outside of the domes, you can find the Field Hockey field. This grass field, which is one of the last grass field hockey fields around, is where the EC Field Hockey team practices and plays their home games.  The final feature of the Murray Athletic Center complex is a lighted soccer field which is where the JV men’s and women’s soccer teams play their home games. It is also used as a practice field for the varsity soccer and lacrosse teams to get accustomed to playing under lights for any night games on their schedules.